Depositions of the Future

It's a toss of a coin over how Depositions will be handled in the future. With the pandemic forcing businesses to close and follow state laws, conditional to their Governor's whim - especially in California, where shops that do not adhere to the strict rules of reopening indoor and outdoor services, upon a day's notice - are shutdown immediately. Which have led businesses that were not ready to be operated online to adapt for an internet based audience. And law firms were no exception.

Since March of 2020, certain counties have demanded to change the operations of many of their firms from limited capacity offices, to no offices at all. Many have started virtual offices, using conference rooms for their Depositions, and allowed much of the party, if not all, to proceed at the comfort of their home. As convenient as this has become, there are those that are ill equipped, and require videographers and technicians to provide technical support.

From laptop rentals to complete video production, law firms have managed their way through COVID-19 with software and webcams for their cases. Some have enjoyed this method, others have stated their preferences. With this virtual business model, ideas of staying as a permanent online business has gradually been trending among firms across the U.S.

We all await for what may come from this. Returning to in-person live Courtrooms, someday, may or may not change how court cases are handled; but regardless, professionals are not held back from moving forward with their business.

Particularly with Zoom, recordings have helped both Counsels and Court Reporters produce higher quality of work. Reactions by the Deponents are captured, enabling Clients to re-watch the Deposition frequently, and obscure words the Court Reporters wished to double check are conveniently reviewed. It's capable of capturing multiple channels, and allow outside software to screen capture, and share with fellow users documents, images, and many more - privately, with ease.

It's not all certain how long this method will stay as a standard for months to come, and bits of skepticism have been mentioned here and there. B
ut, one thing is for sure, our Clients have more options than ever. With a videographer at your next Deposition, your case will be solid for the Court, and, if all goes your way, the evidence and your witness' testimony will be served on a silver plate.

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