Install Your Intel Driver Updates!

For many of us in the legal field, electronics are now part of our daily lives. It's obtrusive, at times, due to the amount of paperwork involved, during Depositions, etc. The wires scatter, there's never enough plugs on the wall, and the sound is never perfect on Zoom. But what's come to our attention now is the problems with the Windows 11 updates.

Your laptop, in the middle of a Deposition demands updates, and some, without any expertise in the customization of one's software, will have their machine restart on the spot...if left alone, in neglect, long enough. 

And for those that caved into the upgrade of Windows 11, will then suffer through the infuriating task of all their sound and video settings return to default every time you restart and open your computer. Forget the hours you spent fiddling with your customizations and allowing your screen size and new audio software settings be propped for optimization. No. For today, every day, you'll be haunted with the reliance of starting from square one again, and again, and again. It's like the movie, Groundhog's Day, starring Bill Murray.

Luckily, especially for those that have lost all audio and video connection on zoom, there is a way to end the time loop. Unlike Groundhog's Day though, you don't have to be kind to people. The solution is simple: update your Intel Driver. 

This task needs to be done manually though, because it's nothing like the Windows 11 update - bombarding you with reminders daily, if not every three hours - you'll have to visit the site weekly, and hope none of your settings have changed again. For when they do, you'll need to scan for updates, and download to reinstall the Intel Driver once more. This should fix all your problems with the Windows 11 updates, and keep your zoom meetings at optimal quality.

To begin, just visit this link, and follow the instructions I had mentioned, above:

Intel® Driver & Support Assistant

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